An evolving, health-based curriculum tailored to the hard-of-hearing

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created by a
with a lifelong
hearing loss.


Captioning every word requires the reader to split attention between learning what to do and having an opportunity to explore their sensory experience.

By condensing captions to only a few lines of essential text, less reading allows for more time to process and experience.

Cues are summarized with pictures, arrows and numbers.

A timer counts down the length of each cue. Settle in yet anticipate change.

Change the volume of speech independently of the didgeridoo which can be felt just before an update to the cue.

Set the Star to display a flicker to see when cues update through closed eyes.

Change the font size of cues to read comfortably.

Currently we are Gathering Feedback on four half-hour lessons featured in a Fibromyalgia study: Moving Out of Pain by Mark Reese. Tell us what you like and want to see different so we can provide the best quality service of the remaining twelve half-hour lessons. The goal is to create a new means of communicating rich, often invisible propriceptive details. Thank you!

  • Improve well-being in minutes
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Become adept at everyday activities
  • Succeed at new challenges with grace
  • Change the trajectory of your future, today

Embody Wisdom. Today

These classes visually guide through movements you explore autonomously. They are gentle and safe with frequent rests to integrate. You learn new ways to move in a non-competitive learning environment.

Through precise medical physics, your body senses differences and releases unnecessary holding. Because you are learning through direct experience, the results last.